Products & Services


BECK :ELECTRICAL ACTUATOR Beck manufactures electric actuators for industrial dampers and valves. Beck damper drives and valve actuators are designed for continuous modulating control, and are suitable for difficult industrial environments. Beck has an electric actuator for most industrial control applications and with over 70 years industrial actuation experience we have the know-how to ensure an excellent solution to your actuator needs.


FIVES COMBUSTION : HEAT IGNITOR / FLAME SCANNER Fives designs and manufactures burners, controls and customized combustion systems for furnaces, incinerators, flares, heaters and steam generation units.Fives high performing combustion solutions, under the renowned names ITAS, North American and Pillard, are conceived for the cement & minerals, energy, metals, food, paper, ceramics, and oil & gas markets.

PNEUMATROL : PNEUMATIC POWER CYLINDER / SOLENOID VALVE / POSITIONER Pneumatrol is a UK based leading manufacturer and supplier of power cylinder, solenoid valve, control system and services for the process, rail and power industries.


RINGSPANN : HOLDBACK / OVER RUNNING CLUTCH / BREAKS / CLAMPING FIXTURE RINGSPANN Power Transmission India Pvt. Ltd. is a 100% subsidiary of RINGSPANN GmbH, founded in 2011. RINGSPANN is the market leader for Freewheels and Backstops and one of the leading suppliers of other Power Transmission Products in India. These include Shrink Discs, Cone Clamping Elements, Industrial Disc Brakes, Force & Torque Limiters and Couplings. Our other product verticals include Precision Clamping Fixtures & Push - Pull Cables.

GWB DANA : CARDAN SHAFT Since 1946, Dana brand GWB has led the market in heavy-duty, industrial drive shafts and genuine service parts for the scrap steel, construction, railway, marine and paper industries. Manufacturing and assembly operations located in Germany are supported by Dana’s global network of R&D and distribution facilities. Introduced at a later date, GWB pioneered maintenance-free drive shafts, consolidating their status as market leader. High-performance solutions for major original equipment manufacturers, as well as aftermarket customers worldwide, ensure first-rate technical innovation, quality performance, reliability and flexibility.

TORISHIMA : PUMP Torishima is a pump manufacturer founded in 1919 in Osaka, Japan. We have been supplying centrifugal pumps to a broad range of applications. Now we are recognized one of the most reliable market leaders in the world with extensive experience and know-how in pumping technology. With a highly skilled engineering team who understand your process requirements, we can provide products and services suited to your exact requirements. The Torishima brand is built on the reliability, flexibility and customer satisfaction. .

BRONTE : HIGH ENERGY DRAIN VALVE Bronte Valves is dedicated to serving your needs in flow control, and providing more economic and safer solutions to your applications. Based upon the finest principles of engineering excellence, Bronte Valves is focused on designing & manufacturing severe service valves to meet various challenges. For 20 years, Bronte Valves has been focused on maximising the performance of its products to help clients keep their safety and economic objectives.